Jumat, 15 April 2011


Saat kita membuka suatu usaha, hal yang dibutuhkan paling awal adalah modal. Pada artikel ini saya hanya akan mengemukakan dua jenis modal yaitu, ide dan uang.
Ide adalah sesuatu yang keluar dari hasil angan-angan kita. Sedangkan uang adalah alat tukar seperti yang kita ketahiu. Kemudian barulah kita bias memulai usaha kita. Misalnya usaha yang akan kita buat adalah usaha rumah makan. Setelah semua berjalan dengan lancar tentu kita tidak bias berjalan sendiri tanpa bantuan orang lain untuk membantu kita. Orang ini adalah seperti yang telah kita kenal dengan sebutan karyawan.
Semakin waktu berjalan, semakin besar rumah makan kita, semakin banyak pula karyawan kita. Dengan berbagai sifat dan tipe yang berbeda mereka adalah karyawan kita. Orang yang telah membantu kita. Masalahnya adalah ada karyawan dengan sifat baik, adapula karyawan dengan sifat buruk. Bagaimana kita menyikapi hal tersebut.
Bila kita lihat karyawan yang mempunyai sifat baik tentu tidak akan ada masalah. Tapi bagaimana dengan yang mempunyai sifat buruk. Sebelum kita lanjutkan, kita harus ingat bahwa kebaikan / keburukan itu relative. Apalagi yang mengemukakan adalah manusia, tentu tidak bisa diyakini kebenarannya. Lihat saja wasit pada permainan sepak bola, terkadang mereak keliru dalam membuat keputusan. Jadi sumber kebenaran adalah Sang Pencipta, Allahu Robbi.
Kembali kepada karyawan tadi, kepada yang bersikap buruk pun kita harus melihat dengan sudut pandang seperti diatas. Belum tentu dia benar-benar buruk, mungkian ada kelebihan di balik keburukan tersebut. Kita tidak boleh berburuk sangka kepada orang lain, karena belum tentu bisa lebih baik dari mereka. Jadi intinya, bersikap adillah kepada semua orang, karena sesungguhnya kita semua lemah tanpa orang lain.


Minggu, 10 April 2011


Apa yang dapat kita banggakan.
Kita ada dari setetes air yang kotor dan hina. Yang keluar dari tempat hina juga. Pada waktu di dalam rahim kita juga tidak bisa berbuat apa-apa, tapi kita hanya bisa menyusahkan ibu kita. Apa yang sudah kita lakukan untuk ibu kita ? Apa yang telah kita berikan ?
Saat kita lahir kita menyusahkan banyak orang. Untung apa kita sombong jika kita ingat pada saat itu kita tidak berdaya. Dunia ini besar, kita tidak ada artinya. Apa yang kita bangakan dari diri kita karena sesungguhnya setiap hari kita membawa kotoran dalam perut kita.
Saat kita mati kita akan menjadi bangkai
Tidak ada alasan untuk sombong. Bukan untuk menggurui tapi hanya ingin mengingatkan.   


Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Education is very important
But today is very difficult to get a decent education. Many factors that become the background for this. One of them is financial.
At that time, on a bench in a plane that looks poor mother was sitting. Beside him there was a rich young man. He asked his mother.
"Where will you go?"
"Do you want to become overseas workers."
Old woman replied, "No I don't."
"I was invited by the rector at the university where my son is studying."
The young man was shocked, a mother who looked poor turned out to have children studying abroad. Then the young man asked again, and the mother told her that her son is the best in the university graduates in the levels of S-2.
And that is a third child. Young man increasingly curious and ask how about with the second child. old woman answered, he was studying in America on the levels of S-3. Young man increasingly shocked and asked again, how about with the first child. The old lady replied with a sad face. He's not in school and just stay home. But according to the old woman, he was the son of her most proud. Because of he, the second and the third child can study.
So nothing is impossible as long as we want.


The easy do not be made ​​difficult
Our life is very short. do not think it's fun.
one bit we will not be able to return to the past. let alone into the past, returning to one second of time that we passed had it something that is impossible.
because of this, we must take advantage of time with the best. Some say time is a sword. One little we can die of it.
if you can now why have to wait later. These words are very meaningful to me. My friend argues that we are still small, so not yet time for us to move. I think that people who do not mind going forward. We touched move now. The world awaits us lucky to make work.
We can and should be. Do not wait for later.
It's easy if we want to think. Thinking and moving.
Surprise all those who have insulted us in the past.
For example, now perhaps our efforts are still small, but in future we should be big. eg now we only sell cakes made ​​by others, but bear in your heart to those who insult us that tomorrow I'll sell you.
Stay spirit. During the heart still beats, nothing is impossible.

Senin, 07 Februari 2011

DO NOT PRINT WORD Discouragement

"If you are desperate then you will lose yourself." How do you think about the statement above? True? Life is full of twists and turns, sometimes we have the expansion then we are complacent and forget that we are not always on top. After having fun with our progress was a few moments later we experience a recession. What if this? What do you Think? Regrets? It's too late for regrets even regret not going to solve and change the problem. Things you should note in the above lesson is do not exaggerate about something. When your business forward, do not be too happy. Because life is like your presence at windmills. When you are on top definitely a few moments later you are under. Just imagine if you have a friend who underestimate your abilities so that you feel embarrassed for your friends at the time of the meeting. After the meeting you keep thinking what would happen later, and certainly in their hearts laugh at me, you think. If so I think you are wasting your time just for the things that make no sense. Your mind is very inaccurate, not necessarily on the things your friends like that. "Positive thinking man!" Maybe they were even interested in your trobosan and most importantly, not necessarily your friends who have been dismissed had been able to make trobosan like you. You can be more unique than others. That may happen because humans are created with essentially different. In essence, we are able, we can. Do not ever give up, and negative thinking. Read More...

Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011


Music is part of our lives. From small until now, music has been accompanying and attached to us. Did you know that each of our heartbeat to have a different tempo? From there we can take the wisdom, indeed every person has the elements of art in his soul. Because it is not true to say, "you will not be able to play guitar or other musical instrument because you are not the descendants of an artist."
From the above opinion can be concluded that in order to play a musical instrument or learning the art of our great leader should look first. Sure is not correct to say so. Because as explained above that in fact all people have the elements of art within itself. And I emphasize that the arts can be learned. Initially it is difficult, but should be attempted. For indeed we can as usual. The more often we practice the more fluent also something that we practice it.
With the above facts, I think enough to hearten you to learn guitar deeper. Remember,,! "Do not give up without a fight."
We went into the subject. You know the guitar is one of the popular musical instruments today. Many people want to learn guitar. Not only men, women had also wanted to be able to play guitar. But at that time, someone who is learning guitar chord guitar wants to know immediately. Indeed, by knowing the chord we accompany the song. But what if in one song there are a lot of chords and the kind that is difficult to be adapted by our hands.
From here, the first thing to be a reliable candidate guitarist like you are doing gymnastics hand. Read More...